Bow Tie Affair


Good morning, lovelies!

As many of you are reading this, I will be heading home and starting my Thanksgiving break. I’m super excited to stuff my face with my mom’s homecooked meals and anything that is not my University’s cafeteria food (No one tells you before you go to college, but you’re going to hate the cafeteria food). This is my first week without a major exam or project since like the second week of the semester, so yeah, I am definitely going to hibernate during the break and only emerge out of my cave for food and Black Friday shopping.

No matter where Thanksgiving is held in my family, I love to dress up. Scratch that. I just love dressing up in general. This dress is perfect for a formal family dinner. Conservative and classy while still being chic with the bold black and white. It’s freezing now (well, freezing for Texas, I guess), so I would definitely wear this pretty coat that I found in my mom’s closet (she has better taste than me). Haha, thanks, Mom!

Dress: Calvin Klein

Shoes: J.Crew

Belt: Nordstrom

Coat: Mom’s vintage

IMG_9646 IMG_9624IMG_9665IMG_9622

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A Pop of Pink

IMG_9780 IMG_9807

Good morning, lovelies!

It’s official. I’m in love with those shoes. I always loved my brown oxfords, but these babies just have that pop of color that I need (since I practically live in neutrals). Who can resist that navy and pink combo? Obviously not me. I would actually wear this out for Thanksgiving dinner with my family since, sadly, it has warmed up again in Texas (thank you, bipolar weather).

My friends and I have been complaining all throughout this week about how there’s so much work to do before Thanksgiving break, but with the week nearing its end, I can almost taste the turkey. Only a couple more days until temporary bliss (only two days after break, I have two exams). Are you excited for Thanksgiving? Black Friday shopping?

Top: MNG

Blazer: MNG

Shorts: Banana Republic

Shoes: Cole Haan

IMG_9814 IMG_9813IMG_9781

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{ Holiday Dress } Picks


Hello, everyone!

‘Tis almost the season to be festive! With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I decided to make a post to give you all more inspiration for your own holiday looks this season. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, these dresses will keep you looking stylish all throughout the holiday season.

Looking back at my picks, I realize how almost monochromatic they are, oops haha.

{ 1 } Asos Dress { 2 } H&M Dress { 3 } Madewell Dress { 4 } Asos Dress

 What dress is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


Sweet in Spots


Good morning, everyone!

Doesn’t that trench coat just epitomize everything I love? Polka dots, classic trench coat silhouette, navy and white… The trench coat is already an essential for my fall/winter fashion with its versatility and elegance, but the added polka dots create a more fun look for even the dullest winter months.

Coat: Forever 21

Shoes: J.Crew

Earrings: Forever 21


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Good morning, lovelies!

It’s been a tough couple of weeks since I’ve been hit with exams every week (the life of a biochem major), but we’re finally nearing Thanksgiving break aka the longest break I’ve had since the school year has started. I have seriously been living in the library and been holing up in my dorm room just to get my work done; I have most definitely fit the description of a Bookworm.

It’s a great day when you complained to your friend about how awfully hot the weather was during class and then leaving class to be blown by a gust of sixty degree wind. It was such a rapid drop in temperature in a mere hour, but hey, I’m not complaining anymore. Haha, this outfit would be perfect for this gorgeous weather. That sweater is one of the warmest clothing items I own, and paired with a button down, it’s just a picturesque fall outfit.

Button Down: Tommy Hilfiger

Sweater: Abercrombie & Ftich

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Cole Haan

Notebook: Half Price Books (hehe)


Thank you so much for reading! Have a lovely day, lovely!


Letters from Romeo




Happy Friday, everyone!

Maybe it’s the fact that my school’s color is maroon, but I have a propensity for these hues lately. I especially love how versatile this dress is. It came with the thick, black belt, but for a totally different look, you can switch up belts and pair it with different shoes. With the belt and the gorgeous background, this look is  rustic, earthy, and pretty boho.

To address the title of this look, I asked my friend, Spoorthi, for help by only sending her one of the shots. Haha, thanks, Spoo Spoo!

Dress: Nordstrom

Jacket: Banana Republic

Shoes: Thrift

Photos taken by: Bac Ngoc (Thank you, again!!)

asd IMG_9442

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! Have a lovely day!


{ October Favorites }


Hello, guys!

It’s already November, and I seriously can’t believe that my first semester of college is almost over. I still feel like it was yesterday that I was saying that I just moved into my dorm. Haha.

{ 1 } You know it’s fall in Texas when the temperature barely drops to the 70’s, and every girl on campus has a scarf and/or boots on. It’s a ritual, I swear, but I am pretty guilty of it. I have been adorning this infinity scarf from Nordstrom on pretty much every cold day, and it’s been amazing. I absolutely love the studded detailing and the color scheme of the houndstooth print.

{ 2 } I pretty much live in this jacket, not just because it keeps me warm in my chilly classes, but because on my laziest days, I can just wear a T-shirt and this jacket, and somehow I look more stylish that I really am.

{ 3 } This awesome cover photo for my facebook page was edited and designed by my good friend, Victoria. I actually had the privilege of eating dinner with her and her brother, Alex, this month, and had such a great time. Thanks again for everything, guys! c:

{ 4 } I visited Austin in the beginning of this month, and I absolutely loved every moment I was there. The food, the atmosphere, and the people are all amazing and pretty quirky. Haha. I especially loved the turtle pond near the FAC (I think?). Thanks to all my friends up there for hosting me and showing me around! I will visit y’all again soon. c:

{ 5 } I’m actually reading this book for one of my classes, and I love how casual and snarky the style of writing is. It’s really entertaining and informative, and I would strongly recommend it.

{ 6 } Last, but certainly not least, my favorite picture of this month has to go to this picture of my dog, Chibi, and me. I miss that fluffball.

What are y’all’s October Favorites? Leave a comment down below!

Thank you for reading! Have a gorgeous day!