Perfect Pleats

Ann Taylor has a special place in my closet, not just because of how much I love the quality of their pieces but also how my mom and I bond over and share these pieces. I’m so lucky that she passed her older Ann Taylor pieces to me (and I can wear them all the time without looking outdated). I recently picked up this shirtdress from Ann Taylor despite knowing I did not really need another dress in my closet, but I’m so glad I bought it: it’s so comfortable for the summer (and would be cute for layering with cardigans once the weather gets cooler) and it’s the sweetest shade of pink that gives a burst of color to my day. The only downside to this dress is that it tends to wrinkle, which is not a huge deal, but it can get annoying.

A photo posted by Amanda Nguyen (@foreveranguyen) on Jul 25, 2015 at 1:25pm PDT

I’ve just been a little overwhelmed recently, but I’ve turned to great antidotes: gratitude and positivity. I realized this past year that I tend to think more pessimistically. While I preached “Make Everyday A Nguyen”, I really wasn’t emulating my own motto. I’ve spent this summer not just focusing on my studies and work, but my outlook as well. This summer, I realized just how #blessed I am (I am an unapologetic hashtag-er). I’ve been hanging around my old friends (from high school and even from a summer program), and it’s just so inspiring to hear about the different paths we are all taking. While we all may have met on a similar journey, we’re all venturing off onto our individual paths and doing truly amazing things. I’m in awe of my friends’ accomplishments and goals, and I’m just so grateful that I can be in the presence of all of them.

I started this blog as a way to document my life through my outfits, and while I do still enjoy doing it, I hope to be able to expand this blog more into a way to spread positivity and joy. Fashion and #ootds are fun, but you’re not going to remember what outfit you wore; you’re going to remember what you did, how you felt… and that’s what really matters. That’s what A Nguyen really is.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.37.44 PM


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